Junior Software Developer

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MIP Holdings

July¬†2014 –¬†July 2016

  • I was placed in the ILS (Integrated lending Systems) team within MIP Holdings. We create systems for companies that offer lending services (micro loans etc.). From capturing details, to capturing loan information, to interacting with payment processors like PaySoft and credit checks with Trans Union. Our systems are comprehensive.
  • My duties involved:
    • creating reports for clients
    • enhancing features of the system
    • Improving the way the user(client) interacts with our system
    • Redesigning the UI for specific customers
  • I have excelled at my work and have moved up fairly quickly, My Current duties include:
    • Working with my developer manager and developing new systems for new clients from scratch i.e. from Database design to systems analysis and design to programming and implementation of the new system in live environments.
    • General Debugging of issues if and when they arise
    • Deployment of patches to Live environments
    • I also do Front end development and really enjoy it. I am now free to add my own ideas (once approved by developer manager) to how the front end should look and feel to better the user experience. I make use of CSS and JavaScript and jQuery a lot and integrate it with our Progress system back-end.

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