Jameel Mukadam

Who Am I?

My name is Jameel Mukadam and I am a Software Developer with a strong passion for everything IT. Designing Software and Websites are my 2 main passions. I continuously seek opportunities which grow my skills and challenge me to do my best work. I love learning and working with new technologies and coming up with innovative ideas for User Interfaces which makes it easier and more enjoyable for users to work with the system, website, etc. I also enjoy Full systems design from gathering requirements from clients, to Database design to systems design and finally the UI design to give the client the best “Client Experience” using the system/website etc.


  • Best Project Of The Year – JCP Community Project – 2011 – Tuks
    • My group was awarded the best community project of the year in 2011 by the University of Pretoria.
    • Since I love animals I suggested we do a Zoo project for our JCP module and everyone agreed. The people at the zoo were so happy they gave us a glowing recommendation. You can read more about our project here: http://blogs.up.ac.za/jcp2011/blog6.php
  • Head Of Multimedia – MSA Tuks – 2012
    • We were responsible for creating the website, pamphlets, and all designs and multimedia related task for the MSA.
  • 4GL Essential Training – Progress Software
    • For successfully completing the 4GL Essentials Training

Hobbies & Interest

  • Scuba Diving
    • I am a certified Open Water Scuba Diver and will hopefully be doing my advanced diving course soon
  • Everything I.T Related
    • I love following the latest trends and keeping up with the latest news and gadgets in I.T.
  • Web Design
    • This is a skill as well as a hobby that I love. I have created a CV website to showcase my skills
  • Gaming
    • Although I don’t have much time for gaming, I enjoy kicking back and playing Call of Duty or League of Legends every now and then.
  • Design
    • I enjoy playing around with Photoshop and creating simple videos

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